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Blend-It: Stainless Steel Shaker for Jars


    Blend-It  Stainless Steel Shaker for Jars

    EcoJarz Blend-It is a travel-sized blender ball made to fit inside of glass jars.  Strong, durable and big enough to get the job done, from protein shakes to all sorts of sip-able nutrition, it is all the whisk you need.  Just throw it in the jar, seal the lid and give it a shake!

    Close Your Eyes and Make a Whisk

    Blend-Its are all the rage amongst the supplement-powder-drinking crowd.  From bodybuilders to hipsters, it seems like everyone’s got their own sip-able nutrition on hand, and these little blender balls are the hottest new tool since the wire whisk.  Far more convenient that a long-handled whisk however, they stay out of site and out of mind, doing a mighty fine job emulsifying your smoothie without you ever needing to lift the lid.   

    A Better Ball

    Though this fun gadget is still relatively new, there are already several options available on the market.  Even when most of them look exactly alike there are a few things you need to know about blender ball quality and why our balls give the best blend for your buck:

    • Avoid the plastic blender balls for all the same reasons you should avoid a plastic to-go cup.  Since the little ball is meant to sit inside your beverage it has plenty of time to leech into your drink, adding unwanted chemicals to your cocktail.
    • Avoid low-quality metals.  Several of the little wire spiral balls that look just like ours are made from lower quality metals that may bend out of shape with use, or corrode.  Our high-quality stainless steel Shakers won’t have these problems.
    • Size matters.  The Blend-It is big enough to get the job done, yet small enough to fit inside of all our glass jars.   

    Sustainably Emulsified

    EcoJarz loves smoothies, and we strive to provide all the best, most sustainable smoothie gadgetry necessary for pure sipping pleasure.  Plus, who doesn’t love the little “tink tink” of stainless steel on glass.  Complete your sustainable set with one of our high-quality 24oz tall mason jar, a Classic, Smoothie, Glass Straw, an EcoJarz drinking jar lid, and a Shaker!

    Made of 18-8 food grade 304 stainless steel

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