About Us

EcoJarz is a small Denver-based company focused on challenging the concept of throw-away culture.  We've been creating the highest quality mason jar accessories since 2012!  The original concept is so simple and irresistible: take an already perfect glass canning jar and add a stainless steel lid to convert it into a reusable to-go mug that can be used over and over again.  To read more about us, visit Our Story!

We strive to create products that are durable and Guaranteed for Life.  Our products are manufactured responsibly with sustainable, non-toxic materials and shipped with minimal, plastic-free packaging that is 100% recyclable.  All of our products are designed to simplify your life, be multi-functional, and to reduce wasteful consumption.  To learn more, visit Our Ethics

 We truly believe that you can do good work while treating the planet well! 

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Meet Kirby

Founder, CEO, & Product Developer

Kirby is one of the founders of EcoJarz.  He came up with the idea for a stainless steel drinking lid that he could use with a regular mason jar back in 2010.  Many years and iterations later, he’s still using EcoJarz lids on a daily basis and coming up with new ideas.  A natural born tinkerer, Kirby grew up in rural Kansas, where his family would repair and reuse items to stretch out their lifespan.  This mindset has stuck with him and fuels his current lifestyle.  He’s personally converted over 300 vehicles into carbon neutral vegetable oil vehicles.  When he’s not at the EcoJarz office, he’s probably working on his electric skateboard or fabricating a new device to make his life easier.

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Meet Aspen

Operations Manager

Aspen joined the EcoJarz team in 2020.  Before then, she just about gave up searching the internet for the perfect plastic-free, all-purpose drinking container, until a friend introduced her to EcoJarz. Now she works for EcoJarz and can share her love of quality products with others like her.  When she’s not answering emails, she sometimes writes for the EcoJarz blog.  She loves eating fresh food from her garden, camping, and making whatever she can herself!   She hopes to one day have a small, sustainable homestead with her husband and her dog, Reina.