Jar Band - Stainless Steel - Wide Mouth

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Wide-Mouth Stainless Steel Jar Bands

  • $7.95 for 1 heavy duty Stainless Steel Jar Band - Receive a 25% Discounts when you order 2 or more!
  • Stainless Steel – They Don't Rust!
  • Can be used with your drinking jar lids or for canning
  • Ultra-durable design will not bend or dent

Built to last. Designed to last a lifetime, these stainless steel jar bands resist corrosion and rust. Use for canning or partner with your favorite mason jar accessories. Made of 304 Stainless Steel. Fits any Wide-Mouth Mason Jar.

Watch the Introduction video of our Stainless Steel Jar Bands below!

Some friends of EcoJarz were inspired by our excellent Stainless Steel Jar Bands and decided to make this Sci-fi tale of a world after all of the all tin jar bands have rusted... Bringing on Jarmageddon! Watch the video below!

Jarmageddon from EcoJarz on Vimeo.