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Hello Jar Lovers! (or anyone who wants great containers for ovens, microwaves, storage, and dishwashers). Jars can be a nightmare to travel with. They crash into each other. The Patent Pending ToGoJar solves this and makes traveling with jars easy and practical.

Traveling with mason jars changes everything. You pick the size; you pick the food from the freezer to the oven or microwave. Healthier, simpler, cheaper, safer options for food storage and transport.

How ToGoJar works

ToGoJar connects any two standard Wide-Mouth or two standard Regular-Mouth jars like Mason, Ball, and Kerr. It lets you take multiple jars without damage. With ToGoJar, there is no need for your food to ever touch the connector! You can use two standard mason jar lids for an airtight seal.

Each ToGoJar comes with:

  • 1 white ToGoJar mason jar connector
  • Jars not included



Why Glass?

1. Glass is non-leach and non-leak food heaven

2. Glass does not change the taste of food or beverage.

3. Glass is "Green". Infinitely recyclable! (Versus most plastics, which are just down-cycled). Glass can also be produced right here in the USA, cutting shipping emissions.

4. Glass is versatile. Bake exceptional pies, cheesecakes, quiche, anything... Freeze it, or mail it, reheat safely in an oven or microwave at your convenience.

5. Glass is cheap (and sometimes free). Many products come packaged in mason jars and the jars can be reused/upcycled for free.

You wouldn't trust Tupperware full of soup in a backpack next to your iPad. Not to mention, how are you going to reheat it once you get to grandma's house? Glass is safe chemically and safe practices.

ToGoJars - Patent Pending (color only available in white)

Made from BPA Free Plastic